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i just want to tell everyone about my two new favorite shows, memphis and american idiot. memphis is about the blues combining with rock and roll in approx. 1960. it is a wonderful show and it won the tony award this year for best musical. the cast is phenomenal.
american idiot is the greenday musical based on their album by the same name. it is fantastic. the cast of kids (all in their 20's) is so much fun and high energy. they are bouncing all over the stage for the entirety of the show.
so if you are in nyc check both of these shows out. you won't be sorry. they are the best two new shows on broadway.
other ones people might like also are jersey boys and billy elloitt. i personally loved jb tho i wasn't as enamored with be, but that is just my taste. both of those shows also won the tony for best musical.